Italian coach wants stopped Buffon just calls

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The Italian interim coach Luigi Di Biagio wants Gianluigi Buffon calls for the next oefeninterlands against England and Argentina. The forty-year goalkeeper initially had his retirement announced after the lost play-offs against Sweden.

Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon said the Italian national team farewell, after the Azzurri had not know for the world cup in Russia. Italy is for the first time in sixty years not in the finals of the world cup.

The goalkeeper of Juventus had already hinted that he is on that decision and wanted to come back. “I have with Buffon spoke and got him two or three games suggested”, Di Biagio is known. “A player of his caliber should be interlandcarrière not end with a contest like against Sweden.” Italy plays on 23 march friendly against Argentina, and four days later against England.

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