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Is Davis Cup soon World Cup of Tennis?

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The International tennis federation is planning to make the Davis Cup radical reform. From 2019 would be the unofficial world championship for mannenteams at the end of the season in one week’s time, eighteen countries are played. In August the plan to the General assembly Meeting in Orlando (Florida), proposed to be. In order to be approved there is a two-thirds majority needed.

“We want to add to a fantastic season finale with the world’s best players who for their country fight. It must be a real World Cup of tennis,” said ITF president David Haggerty. “Different cities around the world have already shown interest to the event to receive.”

If the plan goes through, will the new “World Cup of Tennis Finals” to be played in november, in the week that is now traditionally the Davis Cup final takes place. The duels will be fought in two enkelspelen and a doubles, in which each to two winning sets are played. Through a group stage will be the countries themselves for the quarter-finals. The sixteen countries of the Wereldgroep are sure of participation. In addition, two countries were invited. After the group stage of the Finals, there is also a play-offronde with eight countries from the continental zones. The eight winners of the play-offs include the year after the Wereldgroep. The format for the continental zones, nothing changes.

The prize money for the Davis Cup will be prone to be built. This is possible through a new sponsorship deal with Cosmos. That investment group of Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué will be the next 25 years to reach 3 billion dollar in the Davis Cup pumps. “We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with the ITF,” says Piqué. Together, we can make the Davis Cup to a new climax by this World Cup of Tennis Finals on its feet.

The Davis Cup since 1900 as the “International Lawn Tennis Challenge” organized and received its current name in 1945 after the death of founder Dwight Davis. The duels will be settled in five matches, four enkelspelen and a doubles, of five sets. Belgium, third in the world rankings, played two of the last three finals. This year ranked David Goffin and co via a 3-2 victory against Hungary to the quarter-finals. Therein take them to the United States.

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