Injured by large explosion in Leicester

10fe3c97fd5193fe820a9f047b4f35f1 - Injured by large explosion in Leicester

LEICESTER – In a large explosion Sunday night in the British city of Leicester are six wounded cases. A small supermarket and a parent property is destroyed. The police reported that there was no indication that the explosion is linked to terrorism. Two of the six wounded are in critical condition in the hospital.

Photos and videos on Twitter are posted, showed flames rising above the city came out and cut a hole between the houses. British media think that a gas explosion was the cause.

The police speaks of “a large incident.” The fire department has six fire engines to the area sent. “We heard a huge explosion, it was pretty frightening”, quoted a newspaper someone a few streets away lives. The supermarket, which still was open at the time of the explosion, was right in front of a bus stop. Or there were people in the supermarket, in the home or at the bus stop is not clear.

Firefighters search the rubble, and there is research done into the cause of the explosion. A spokesman of the fire department called the collapse of the buildings with a “pancake collapse.”

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