Hiphoptrio Black Light back with new album

bfaf6c906f80dacee63a52d6fd1ed090 - Hiphoptrio Black Light back with new album

The last album of Black Light is already more than four years old, but now the trio is back in a hiphopwereld that in the meantime something has changed. Young rappers like Lil’ Small and Ronnie Flex recorded much success, but that didn Akwasi, Hayzee MC Leeroy not jealous.

(Left to right) Akwasi, Hayzee and Leeroy in 2009.

“A lot of those boys who are popular have the doors open,” says Leeroy to Metro. “With every new track, they come on 1, they stand on major festivals and sell the large halls. Great.” Most of the young rappers have a different style than the trio of Black Light. “You must show that you can your website because everybody wants such a lifestyle. It just sounds cool. Much sturdier than ’I need rice with egg to eat today, because my mother not to, the food bank has been,’” says Akwasi.

Black Light picks up the musical otherwise. The group consisting this year of ten years and must have a combination of beats and lyrics in which it comes to real life. “Everyone should do its thing, though. Without popular rap is the in-depth rap is not interesting and vice versa,” says Leeroy. “As I today, my playlist on Spotify turn on I think: how many songs have actually have a message?”

With the new album Lightning hopes Black Light an ’indelible impression’ behind. “Superficiality is now maybe mainstream, we are not to conform. We are very proud of this album,” concludes Akwasi.

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