High school shootings are big business: ’Sad but true’

42d9297df4b7bbc6b6602d9950bb2f03 - High school shootings are big business: ’Sad but true’

Tampa – less than two weeks after a former student of a high school in Florida seventeen people doodschoot, seem American wapenfans only more eager. At an arms fair in Tampa was the last weekend in a close battle.

Thousands of wapenfanaten and interested gathered last weekend in Tampa. Because it was so busy, there was even out a lengthy row. Once inside, everything was for sale where the hearts of many pistols paultje harder beat: guns and pistols of all types and sizes, ammunition, custom holsters, and all kinds of patriotic stuff.

Employees of the NRA, there were staunch to the distribution of flyers to souls to win and offered every new member 11 dollar discount on a purchase. For many fixed bizarre scene was completely the opposite of the call of countless Americans to the wapenwetten in the country continue to tighten after the massacre in the Douglas High School in Parkland.

Doubling sales

Although another high school shooting there is the talk of the day was, there are no less weapons in order to be sold. On the contrary: many sellers have said such good things to do that they a doubling of the turnover expected, writes the American newspaper the New York Post, which reports on the stock market.

“It is sad to say, but when such a shooting takes place, we do extra good things. Many people are afraid that their right to keep and bear arms lose and then turn right in”, says the seller Quaidman Woody – who, together with his father, sell the weapons – against the newspaper. “So even if they really, any weapon need, they buy that there is still an extra.”

“It is not up to the weapons’

A common (and known) sound at sellers and buyers was: it is not the weapons. “Do something about violent video games”, suggested someone. Or: “Help broken families.” “Improve the psychological screening in arms sales.”

That last, incidentally, is also something that the authorities concerned. The governor of Florida Rick Scott on Friday proposed the rules for the purchase of firearms and to strengthen measures to ensure the safety on schools to improve.

The arms show in Tampa was one of the forty wapenshows that past few weeks in the country were organized. Most of the exchanges took place in the south and the midwest of the USA.

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