Handwritten lyrics of Drake may 54.000 dollar muster

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A worn-out notebook with lyrics and signatures of the Canadian hip hop artist Drake can on an online auction may 54.000 Us dollars (43.800 euro) muster, reports showbizzsite today. According to auction house Moments in Time, specializing in rare manuscripts, this is an authentic document.

“The notebook was ten years ago, found in a furniture factory of Drake’s grandfather. According to our sources was the jewel is almost thrown away, but could a dedicated cleaner is the book rescue,” explains auctioneer Gary Zimet on TMZ. “We think that the notebook really is, because it is a number of signatures of Drake and because it was found in a place where Drake used to work.”

The notebook contains 12 pages of lyrics, including a tribute to Biggie Smalls’ hit song, “Ten Crack Commandments”. Drake’s version is called “10 Mack Commandments”. Furthermore, there are several phone numbers and credit card numbers in the booklet.

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