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Gordon prefers home cooked apple pie over Humberto

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Gordon slide Monday night at home cooked apple pie to talk about his new biography. The media icon late with that decision, RTL-colleague Humberto Tan in the cold.

Usually gives RTL Late Night stars of the own station more than job programs and projects to the dowels, in the past, it was Gordon then also a welcome guest at the NH Schiller. That makes it even more remarkable that the RTL-all-star now for the competitor chooses.


However, the ratings of home cooked apple pie and RTL Late Night next to each other, it can be inferred that Gordon simply more rewarding to go in at the invitation of Eve. Usually scores a home cooked apple pie around one million viewers per episode, while Humberto arranged only with difficulty in the huge success top 25 know.

Summary proceedings

In addition, the book Gordon, biography of an entertainer , it will in all probability also about the high-profile, unhappy affair that Gordon recently experienced with a young doctor. The man in question now has a lawsuit against the singer brought. Gordon would give him no rest, let go, and the doctor wants a contactverbod force. Gordon will undoubtedly have an opinion on the matter.

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