Gordon possible for the court: ‘It depends on whether he is revenge wanted to take’

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What appeared to be the announcement of the new love of Gordon, has now grown into a large legal battle. The alleged new love of Gordon was not to speak about the way in which Gordon about him has come out and drag the presenter, therefore, for the court. How strong would be Gordon in this case?

Gordon place in mid-February a series of photos in which he is seen with B.. the caption of the photos suggests that B., the new friend of Gordon, and that the photos of the announcement of their relationship.

The same day, shares Gordon a new message, in which he tells that, after the sharing of the photos has discovered that his new friend “in the relations maintained with men and women”. It is also clear that the love is not fully reciprocated. “I was the last few months deeply in love with and he with me, and I thought,” says Gordon about B..

B. also makes it clear that he is contact with Gordon else has experienced. According to Vincent van der Velde, the attorney of B., “there is no question of an affective relationship”. B. would never have given permission for the placing of the photos of the two, who according to the advocate by Gordon are placed “because he was by the rejection in his soul is kicked out”.

Not only the fact that Gordon the pictures of the two placed, but also the comments under the pictures of Gordon are part of the conflict between the two. From these responses, it appears that some women B. of the photos recognized. B. would these persons secretly have been filmed during the “sexual acts”. Some persons claim to that reason declaration to have done to B..

B. says, in turn, that Gordon not only unsolicited photos of him published, but also that he “stalked and targeted” by Gordon. The attorney of B. to be in possession of a large dossier containing messages that prove that “Gordon his client has been threatened and has announced him to live acid to make”.

According to the lawyer of B. have conversations about the issue yielded nothing, with the result that B. to the court action. The management of Gordon reports on their turn, that Gordon made claims of B. about stalking and harassment “strongly denies”. They are by Gordon also labeled as “libel and slander.”

Finally, it seems not to matter: the two parties come to an agreement. Gordon removes all photos of B. of social media, which, according to the lawyer of B. “at this time, no need to interlocutory proceedings”.

At the end of February consider B. and announces for a preliminary injunction. Gordon would not adhere to the agreements have taken and gave him no peace. On 9 april the case before the court in Lelystad, provided they have not previously come from. B. says preferably not a trial.

Charlotte Meindersma, legal consultancy Charlotte’s Law, specializing in media and image rights suggests that in such conflicts quickly “is thrown with terms like stalking, libel, and slander”. But she states that there of stalking only question is, if it is really to a lot of messages or calls. The person who the messages should then also don’t respond to it. “I can’t imagine that this really is stalking goes,” she says about this issue.

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Freedom of speech

In addition to the claims of both parties, there are also other legal aspects of interest in this case. “In the end it is a balancing of two fundamental rights”, says media lawyer Gaico Forest.

In this case, plays the right of freedom of expression. That is true for Gordon, explains Woods. “Also, there is the right to privacy to protect,” says Woods. That applies in this matter for B.

According to Woods, Gordon the right to his opinion, to proclaim. “But that right is not unlimited. Statements that are unlawful, may not, for example.”

It would, for example, if Gordon B. to accuse of his alleged actions, but this not at all turn out to be true. “But even if the allegations be true, and Gordon really only wanted the world to warn B., a court may consider that Gordon is too far gone,” says Forest.

Also, it this how you get your story to the world in winds. “Gordon has not only B. accused, but also several times his picture and name posted. A judge can judge that this is disproportionate and therefore unlawful.”

Summary proceedings

“I can imagine that b’s lawyer now wants to settle,” says Meindersma. “As if a lawsuit would come, wants the court to know whether the stories about B. the round will, indeed, be correct.”

Meindersma, gets the “Barbra Streisand effect”, named after the singer who fifteen years ago, photographers accuses because they are aerial photos had made her home in Malibu. Streisand claimed that her privacy had been violated, but by her complaint, she pulled the attention to himself.

It is difficult to what the judge in this case will judge. “Ultimately, it will be of decisive importance whether the allegations really be based on facts. In addition, it will play a role or Gordon are messages posted to others to keep for B., or that you have to look at it as a revenge of a disappointed boyfriend. Actually, as a kind of wraakporno, but without the porn.”

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