Fuss for ’sexist’ interview with premier

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SYDNEY In Australia is confounded responded in an interview that the news program 60 Minutes Sunday has aired with the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern. The interview was according to the critics, extremely sexist and bone, and was more about the appearance of the prime minister and her pregnancy than about her policies.

Jacinda Ardern and her husband, Clarke Gayford, made in January, the news of the pregnancy to the world.

As told interviewer Charles Wooley: “I’ve had many prime ministers met, but never someone who is so young, few who are so smart, and no one so attractive.”

Ardern and her husband, Clarke Gayford reacted visibly uncomfortable when Wooley said one of the important political question “and that is when the baby comes.” After the response (the”June 17″) he suggested that many people “terugrekenen to when conception occurred.” “Why would a child not begotten can be during an election campaign?”, cited Wooley to Arderns election last year.

Viewers called the interview on social media is appalling and paternalistic.

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