Freek de Jonge: ’Mies, a phenomenal man”

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Comedian Freek de Jonge, a good friend of Mies Bouwman, told in The World Runs By with much affection about the Monday death of the host.

He called her an example as she dealt with her fame, such as they are always busy to develop themselves and the work and family life in an unlikely way in balance has managed to keep”.

,,A phenomenal human being!”, says The Young. Also the way that they live has left is special, ” he continues. ,,Monday morning meant she could’t get out of bed, called her daughter and they went to the hospital. There was soon to be revealed that Mies not long to live. She went back home to be there in the presence of her family to die.”

,,She was bright and positive. All the men were in love with her, maybe a lot of women, you don’t know that.”

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