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First F1 test begins in a minor key for McLaren: Alonso in the gravel

8cbc41c02caa311e53ff693b68c78948 - First F1 test begins in a minor key for McLaren: Alonso in the gravel

In its sixth round with the brand-new McLaren MCL33 parked Fernando Alonso his car in the sandpit. A start in a minor key for the Spaniard, who last week had noted that there are great times were to come.

It is, perhaps, already the image of the day, Fernando Alonso crouching next to a McLaren on three wheels. After six laps on the Circuit de Catalunya was the Spaniard into the gravel at the last turn.

When Alonso out of the car came, he started immediately the particular wheel and the hub to check. The Spaniard took a part of the wheel in the all terrain vehicle of the stewards, that turned out to be the confirmation of the wheel.

McLaren has let know that it is a few hours needs to get the car of Alonso to recover and they indicate that the cause of the crash during the fastening of the wheel.

For Mclaren and Alonso, this is a start in a minor key. They had indicated that they are at least a hundred rounds per day, they wanted to afmalen in this first testweek, hopefully he our countryman Stoffel Vandoorne tomorrow and Thursday better.

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