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Finally Usain Bolt makes career switch and announces that Tuesday

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Usain Bolt, the fastest man on this planet with eight olympic gold medals in sprintnummers, has signed a contract with a football club. That he made himself known via Twitter. To what club exactly, makes the 31-year-old Jamaican only Tuesday known.

Usain Bolt won eight olympic gold medals and was also eleven-time world champion. The fast Jamaican gave during his atletiekcarrière all that he dreamed of a football career. The Lightning Bolt hung in 2017 are spikes on the hook after the world CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in London. His manager said before the end of the Bolts career that he is already sure of twelve clubs offers had got to come along to training.

By the end of 2016 coached the former sprinter all at once with the French club Saint-Jean Beaulieu. And earlier this year biedde Bolt itself as the new striker to the team of David Beckham, Miami MLS. Or Beckham started on the application of the fastest man on earth, is not known. Would normally the former sprinter in march are allowed to train at Borussia Dortmund, but for the moment it is still unclear whether that will continue. The Lightning Bolt is also a fierce fan of Manchester United, but that he is in the team from Manchester is going to work seems unlikely.

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