Fear FC Twente confirmed: ankle fracture

3c81b3a04de6366d4bd0d86de45d060a - Fear FC Twente confirmed: ankle fracture

FC Twente will need it for the rest of the season without Hidde ter Avest. From medical research shows that the defender’s ankle has broken.

Hidde ter Avest becomes heavily injured

Ter Avest came Sunday during the league game against FC Utrecht (3-1 loss) very unhappy. It soon became apparent that a serious injury would go, and thought manager Gertjan Verbeek in the first instance on a kuitbeenbreuk. “The boys were in the holes that it is serious. It does something to you as a colleague with a stretcher from the field.”

Ter Avest is next week surgery. “Of course, this is severely frustrating when you have such a heavy injury increases and there is a time out”, he reports in a comment on the clubwebsite. “Right now you want the team to help and do not want from the side having to watch. I can not otherwise than to my recovery to go to work and the team support where I can.”

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