Ex-Feyenoorder Christian Gyan after call and book debt-free

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Ex-Feyenoorder Christian Gyan is after a heavy period officially debt-free. Michel van Egmond, author of the book King, shared the news of the former defender on social media.

Gyan, who from 1997 to 2006, the club from Rotterdam-Zuid played and with the citizens of Rotterdam, in 1999, won the national championship and won the UEFA Cup in 2002, was in debt after he had quit his job as a dockworker in stockholm. The born Ghanaian is suffering from epilepsy.

“Thanks to very many people and the fantastic Feyenoord Legion came in today the official confirmation is that he is debt-free”, brought van Egmond know via Twitter. “The first big step to a brighter future.””


Partly due to the book King, narrated by best-selling author Of Egmond, were Gyan and his wife Anita out of debt. By the supporters of Feyenoord was after a fundraising campaign launched to raise money for the clubicoon to pick up. Now the family is without debt, is a rental apartment in Rotterdam involve for them the next step.

Step two in the resurrection of Feyenoord-darling Chris Gyan is suitable housing. Is there anyone in Rotterdam who him and his family and his three children on a rented accommodation of up to 700 euro per month can help? #dtv


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13:17 – 26 February 2018

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