Elevator China on black by wildplassende boy

95eafb2ec9e415945d86677f52b98c66 - Elevator China on black by wildplassende boy

Hong KONG – An unruly child got a nasty surprise when he decided in a Chinese lift to pee. He caused a short circuit and got stuck, the message, the newspaper South China Morning Post.

On camera images is to see how the boy an empty elevator and enter in an apartment complex in Chongqing. He then opens his pants and urinates on the liftknoppen. The illuminated buttons will start to blink and the door refuses service. Then the light falls off.

The Chinese ministry of Public Security distributed the footage via social media. The caption reads: “Stop this naughty behavior.” The ministry did know that the boy is freed. It is unclear whether the boy and his parents to be punished.

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