DJ Kygo: I can’t choose between fans and friends

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DJ Kygo: I can’t choose between fans and friends

We talked with the Norwegian dj and presented him with a number of dilemmas. Photo: REUTERS

Kygo has been playing from a young age on piano. In his teens he was by the Swedish producer Avicii inspired to electronic music. Not without success, because now touring the 26-year-old Kygo around the world and he has more than 1 million Spotify streams. At the beginning of this month, he stood in a sold out Ziggo Dome in our capital city. Just before his performance, we spoke briefly with the Norwegian dj.

He broke up in 2014 with his album Cut Your Teeth, followed by hits like Stole The Show, Stay, Stargazing , and It Ain’t Me. He has worked with Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and One Republic. Also he scored hits with songs by Coldplay, The Weekend, and Ed Sheeran remixes. He has fans all over the world and takes his friends arranged with me to a gig. Choose between his friends and fans seems really an impossible choice. Just like choosing the best song ever made. We learned Kygo a bit better acquainted with him a number of tricky dilemmas.

Remix or own track?
In addition to his own hits, remixes Kygo also well known songs of Ed Sheeran, The Weekend, and Coldplay.
I think my own songs. I love songs remixes, but still, it’s really more fun to from the beginning, something to build so you have a number at all.

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Ibiza or Norway
Kygo state each summer in clubs in Ibiza. He was born in Norway.
That is a difficult! But I choose it anyway for Norway, that is my homeland. Norway is the place where I’m going to make music with my friends to chill out.

Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Beatles
Kygo is a fan of both bands.
Phew, I think they are both very good! But The Beatles are legendary!

Piano or Laptop
During his show’s Kygo is not the way to save behind his laptop, but the piano comes forth on the stage.
Piano! I play all my life piano. That is the way how I like a song start, I start at the piano. And I find it very relaxing to play the piano.

Avicii or Head?
Avicii has been his inspiration to make music, with American dj and producer will Head to if he had a radio show host.
I think Avicii that was my inspiration to make music. He is the reason why I started creating electronic music.

Studio or festival?
Studio! I like to be at the festival to play, which I do with great pleasure, but my greatest passion is to make music.

Do you like to be?
Yes, I love it to go out, but I’m not a huge party animal. It differs a bit where I’m going. If I am on holiday in Ibiza I go to big clubs like Hyte or Pacha. But if I am home I always go to small clubs, because there are a lot of acquaintances. I can just go out, without people me the whole time to appeal.

Fans or Friends?
That is impossible! I choose them both, is that allowed? I love my friends and I she would for no one be willing to trade. But my fans are the reason I can do what I love to do in my life. Without them I am nothing, without them it is impossible to make music.

You get much liefdesmails?
On Instagram I get a lot of messages, that are all great messages to hear. Like fans who say that my music has helped in a difficult time. That motivates me time and again to make more music to make.

Coachella or Tomorrowland?

I choose still Coachella. I like the mix of line up top. If I go to a festival would go, then I would choose the one where multiple genres of music to hear. Even though I love great electronic music, at a given moment, you might want a time something else to hear. So then I choose for Coachella.

Own songs listen

Okay, no dilemma but it is a difficult question. What is the best song ever made?

This question I can’t answer haha. Yes, anyway, something of Michael Jackson! Billie Jean is really one of my favorite songs. I can’t choose! Bob Marley is also fantastic, Buffalo Soldier, for example.

Yes, you are a big fan of Michael Jackson we have read. Why have you actually never seen anything of his music remixed?
His music is too good, you must not sit!

Listen, you actually agree to your own music?
Yes, if I have a new song then make my own songs on repeat. I want to always hear or improvements are needed. But as soon as the number is off and is turned on the radio, then I’m already crazy and I can no longer hear. Now, if I take older songs though, then again, because now they bring great memories.

You have been to many beautiful places may occur, what actually was your best gig?
I hope my best performance is yet to come! One of my best performances so far was still CloudNine festival. My own festival in my old hometown. It was completely sold out, there were some 24,000 people. I think that was the best show I have ever done, all my friends and family were there.

Go to your friends and family are actually always along with you to a show?

Sometimes, they come to a concert. But they also have just one life and work. Last year I’ve really taken to Miami. I gave there with the old and the new a show and she wanted happy to be there.

Collaborate with Ed Sheeran

With which artist would you still like to work with?

Ed Sheeran stands at the top! And The Weekend, Coldplay, or Imagine Dragons. And if I really anyone would be allowed to choose, then I would go for Michael Jackson!

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