Couples lay the cards on the table, on their honeymoon in Blind Married

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Last week left the Blind Married couples on their honeymoon. In the fifth episode, the viewer sees how the participants continue doing abroad. The band was more heartfelt, or just grim?

For they live together in their new apartment, when they return to first take a look in their own home, their partner and bring them there through the night. And from now on, invite the experts every couple weekly for an interview, to give them good guidance in their early marriage.

Especially Mike and Kathy sit with a few questions. Marjoram is the last days in her own skin in Fuerteventura, what Mike again uncertain. Once home, they go along with expert Alexander Witpas. He puts the finger on the wound and gives them useful tips.

Also the relationship between Wendy and Damiano takes a new turn. “I have a feeling that we are each other grow. Every day we learn each other better to know, and we feel more at ease with each other.” But what is the right timing for everything, ask the two.

Tim and Esther clicked from the beginning is very good. But how do you like them now that they are non-stop together in Lanzarote?

“Hashtag togethereveryoneachievesmore”, is the motto of Show and Three that, until now, really in everything agreed on. When that trip happens, think the set still aloud after. “In my previous relationships we had each of a number of things in common, but with the Show is that so much that it’s a little bit frightening,” let Three fall. “I’m not freaky looking for something negative, but it’s a little bit surreal”, it sounds with the Show. What dominates? The joy? Or the fear that only worse can it go?

Sweet and Aljosja grow in Marbella to each other “but it is still not boom, just like falling in love”. Because they are both not of pile want to walk, they don’t know well how exactly to proceed. They lay their soul bare during a session at Sybille Vanweehaeghe.

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