Chrissy Teigen afraid of new postpartum depression

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During an interview on the Create & Cultivate conference in Los Angeles, Chrissy Teigen openly spoken about her fears for postpartum depression. The wife of John Legend is pregnant with their second child and has precautions taken in the case, like after the birth of daughter Luna, once again in a depression of depth.

Chrissy Teigen with her daughter Luna.

“I was just thinking of Luna, had a great life with a fantastic husband. Yet was I unhappy, but I thought that just heard. Postnatal depression felt like withdrawal from a drug, especially after all of the months with my IVF treatment. I wish more people discussed this were against me and therefore, I encourage everyone to others to keep an eye on and to check if everything is going well. I now have the perfect group of people around me, who are there for me after the birth of our son,” says Chrissy.

The model has always been open about her depression. Previously, she wrote a piece about it in the magazine Glamour. “I was very abruptly against the people and came to the house never. If someone came by, I asked why they are wet. Because I made the curtains throughout the day to close, I had no idea that the outside was raining.”

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