Camembert war is coming to an end

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More than twenty years is raging in France, a war around the famous camembert. That fight is now settled. Producers have agreed to the rules of the game to real camembert. ‘It is a moderately lopendebandkaasje.’

Officially hear the round creamy cheese from Normandy. There’s also a whole list of demands: about the type of cows to the type of grass that they graze.

But in reality there is little …

Officially hear the round creamy cheese from Normandy. There’s also a whole list of demands: about the type of cows to the type of grass that they graze.

But in reality, there is little Norman to the cheese. There is a ‘Swiss camembert’, there is camembert which is somewhere in the suburbs of Moscow is produced, there is even American ‘fake-camembert’.

To the dissatisfaction of the small Norman farmers in a traditional manner, their “real” camembert.

The conflict began with the recognition of quality that no one followed

That conflict, waged since 1992. When recognized by the European Union certain French quality. So this was the official stamp of ‘AOP Camembert’. An ” Appellation d’origine Indication’ means that the judges agree on the quality.

That stamp was only allowed on the round box as the cheese flat and cylindrical, 3 inches thick, a minimum of 250 grams weight and a diameter of between the 10.5 and 11 inches.

Moreover, had the producing farm at least 50 percent authentic Norman cows that are also at least six months per year to graze on Normandy grass. And of course: the real AOP is raw milk cheese, not pasteurized.

But that quality requirements by large producers completely ignored. And the government did nothing. Multinational companies convert to just ‘Camembert fabriqué en Normandie’ on their camembertdoosje while their cows anywhere in the world grazing or in the barn. They chose mass for pasteurization and could be much cheaper to produce.

And the customer … the customer was cheated

That almost led to a camembertguerrilla. The small farmers were furious, complained about unfair competition and filed a complaint. It helped all nothing. In 2015 was all sold worldwide camembertjes only 5,000 tons a ‘real’ AOP and many as 65,000 tonnes a namaakcamembert’.

In november last year decided the French consumer organisation ‘Fromages de Terroir’ to the government. The fraudedienst was turned on. “For the customer is unclear as to what he or she is buying,” said the organization. What a diplomatic way to say: the customer is conned.

The solution is there

This was followed by official consultation with all parties around the table and sat down. The major producers were put under pressure and of the small farmers was some flexibility required. That led to an agreement – after three months of negotiations and two decades kaasoorlog. “Everyone is now agreed on a list of common quality standards’, it says in a statement.

The multinationals will be at least 30 percent of the Normand cows bets for the production of their camembert. The small farmers have agreed that a pasteurized camembert the AOP-stamp can get.

Or isn’t it?

Exactly because of this last commitment seems the war was not yet over. “This is the worst scenario that was possible’, responded to consumers’ association Fromages de Terroir – which, nota bene, the initiator of the mediation was. “I will be nine on the ten AOP-camemberts a pasteurized and industrial product. In other words: a mediocre lopendebandkaasje.’

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