Bill Cosby’s daughter, Ensa (44) died

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The daughter of Bill Cosby died. Ensa, which is Friday at the age of 44 died in the American state of Massachusetts, was the support and guidance of her father since he by several women was accused of sexual abuse.

The cause of death is, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a kidney disease. According to TMZ she was on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. In the sixth season of The Cosby Show appeared Ensa in one of the episodes on television.

Bill Cosby lost in 1997, even though a child when his son Ennis was murdered. Ensa has her father always supported since he is accused of sexual abuse. She was of the opinion that her father publicly is lynched in the media. “I am convinced that my father is innocent,” she said in april last year. They believed that racism played a major role in the accusations against her father’s address.

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