Berghuis ‘very annoying’ in the direction Of Brook

4efddc190cf2b5054d680f3cf5e9308f - Berghuis 'very annoying' in the direction Of Brook

Steven Berghuis understand very well why Sven van Beek him last week on the training aanvloog.

Sven van Beek and Steven Berghuis on the archive view.

“I always play to win, also a trainingspartijtje. It was on the cutting edge. I suck a little, and it can be quite annoying. Sven pulled it no more and I understand that,” said Berghuis apologetic. “My reaction was not good.”

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Teammates had the contending players from each other. The quarrel was captured on camera and was for days topic of conversation. For Berghuis and Van Beek was the mutual irritation, however, soon out of the world. “We have our hands shaken, and that was it for both of us to be ready. Such things happen quite often. On the squares, it was in the past sometimes also out of the hand. I just want to always win,” said the wing tips.

Defender Of Brook was missing Sunday in the lost home match against PSV (1-3) because of an injury. “But that was not by me,” said Berghuis with a wink.

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