Bankruptcy for film studio, Harvey Weinstein

14b6ece035f93ac194ff3556024fefcc - Bankruptcy for film studio, Harvey Weinstein

The Weinstein Company, the film studio co-founded by Harvey Weinstein, the company requests now the calls to acquisition with a syndicated investors are jammed. This has the Board of Directors via a statement made known.

Harvey Weinstein

“While we understand that this is an extremely unpleasant outcome for our employees, creditors and the victims, the Board of Directors has no other choice than to file for bankruptcy.”

The company was in heavy weather, after Harvey by many women was accused of sexual abuse and in some even rape. After his resignation, has TWC all sail for the right to exist. Although there are new plans were made, complained of the state of New York the film also. According to attorney general Eric Schneiderman broke the company repeatedly the law by employees are not to protect against sexual harassment, harassment and discrimination’.

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