Baby kidnapped in the Dutch village of Eersel

73cb67980c0b7a1a692a4ef11b2585df - Baby kidnapped in the Dutch village of Eersel

A baby Monday morning ‘with violence’ and kidnapped from the parking lot of a Lidl store in the Netherlands Eersel, a small ten kilometres over the Belgian border.

According to local media ran the foster mother to the supermarket in her arms a Maxi-Cosi car seat with the baby. The offender would have the child out of her arms, have gegrist. Bystanders say that he violence used.

The police assumes that the baby is taken away by her biological parents. That would be with the child drove off in a black Mercedes. The six-month-old girl was made by youth from the foot control and for a carer to be found.

Why the baby house was placed, is not known.

The Dutch police following the disappearance of an ‘Amber Alert’ spread. That is the Dutch version of the ‘Child Alert’, which is used in Belgium for worrying disappearances.

“The safety of the child is in danger”, writes the police in the Amber Alert. ‘The police ask for tips where they are able to stay, but gives the advice to parents not attempt to approach, but to call the police.’

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