Arjen is Well-dives theatre in

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Arjen is Well-able from the end of this year solo on the shelves. The tv-maker is working on a tour, Arjen is Well LIVE, which he has since december, the country attracts. That he confirms as a result of the notification from the Volkskrant.

Arjen Is Well

“During the recording of Sunday Well, I find the interaction with the audience still fun”, says Arjen in an interview with the newspaper. “I have twelve years in small theatres stood with partly improvised shows. The kick that creates, is a other than that of a written joke, which long has been thought about. That Sunday, with Well as well thought out is, is great, but sometimes I miss that first one.” The tv-maker finds it to be “something uitdagends to be guest in other theatres and cities.”

What theatres Arjen appearance, is later published. As all bookings are final, follows a playlist and start the ticket sales. Expected to take Lubachs tour until the summer. That means that he shows at the beginning of next year, two months and combine with Sundays Well.

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