Ann Tuts and family throw, all bets are off in 1976

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Flanders knows her for decades as Doortje from FC The Champions, but on Tuesday, the 27th of February to see the viewers of Greetings From actress Ann Tuts as she really is. The mom of two mature daughters, Ellen (19) and Saskia (17), and already more than 20 years, the great love of her British husband, Mark. Together, they return to 1976, the year that Ann was 12 years old. During their trip down memory lane throws the family, all bets are off. Dancing on the table, stunts on the bike, or loudly sing along with Daddy Cool by Boney M: everything is possible and everything is permitted.

“Mama is really the hippie in the house”, sounds at Anns daughters. “Nothing is traditional with us. But we find that pretty cool. Our mama is what’s out of control.” With a for Ellen and Saskia a little too eye-catching Ford Taunus travel the family back to 1976. And it seems to be for the young men to unknown territory. However, 76 in history as the year in which Flanders just not succumb to the warmest summer in years, ABBA a huge hit single with Dancing Queen and Lucien Van Impe as the last Belgian to so far in the Tour de France wins.

In their unique bungalow from the seventies dipping Ann and her family in a bath of nostalgia. About the make-over are the opinions divided. “Jesus Christ. You look like an air hostess,” says Mark. “And you look like the local ‘pimp’”, responds Ann. Afterwards, it locks everyone in the office for the tv-evening, at 18h on the corridor is pulled by omroepster Nadine De Sloovere. There is a laugh with The Muppet Show, the special effects of The Invisible Man and the memorable Game Without Limits.

Weekends in pre-Playstationtijden be filled with cut-and-naadlessen, tricks on the iconic Chopper bike, photograph developing in the dark room and the run of funky pictures. “I counsel everyone to be a seventies party to organise,” says Ann. “You are directly in a kind of vibe.” When suddenly, surprising visitors at the door, makes everyone feel ready for a cosy slide evening, and a traditional autowijding like that in the seventies happened. Then it is time to get together with An Lemmens the balance sheet to make. The family will be Tuts missed something during their trip to the seventies?

Greetings From, Tuesday at 20.35 on VTM.

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