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André Dongelmans buried under unsolicited blootfoto’s

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André Dongelmans since he is seen as the homosexual Kenneth in hbo’s hit series The luizenmoeder with regularity naked pictures of men who have a crush on him.

In the Sunday edition of RTL Boulevard revealed the 30-year-old actor that he unsolicited spicy images will be sent to you via social media.


Dongelmans was actually on the Boulevard bank to talk about the success of the film Black panther, but made the utterance, when the conversation about cyberstalking, and the nuisance went on: “Since The luizenmoeder I get over sometimes a picture, a dickpic, sent. A photo of a man with such a thing. On Snapchat mainly. If they then send photos via Snapchat will disappear immediately.”

Kenneth and Walter

In The luizenmoeder plays Dongelmans the role of Kenneth, the partner of Walter (Rop Verheijen). Together, they feed their Asian adoptiedochter Lianne, but that is not really flawless, the set is even in therapy. Weekly Story reported that André himself, not on men.

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