Albert Verlinde: Mies left the ordinary man see

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“Kim has the television of the throne removed.” Albert Verlinde called Mies Bouwman with RTL a warm personality who, until a high age, was involved in her box.

Archive photo from 2007 – Presenter Mies Bouwman with Beau van Erven Dorens (M) and Albert Verlinde during the TV recording in Ahoy, Rotterdam the finals of the national campaign The Largest Bingo Show Ever for the benefit of the VUmc Cancer Center.

According to the musicalproducent has Mies to ensure that the television of the people was. “She pulled the man in front of the camera,” he said. Did they, for example, to Open The Village, the fundraising campaign for a village for the disabled in 1962, but also with large spelshows as One of the Eight. “She always wanted to have a wide audience reach,” says Verlinde.

Mies was, according to him, also always open to innovation within the television. “Whether it’s Paul de Leeuw, De wereld draait door or Boulevard. She was always very interested in new things.”

Verlinde learned Mies know really well when he was on the AVRO, executive producer was for It was quiet on the street, a program on the history of television. He was also in the editorial board, along with Mies and a few old hands in the box. “I was sometimes very stubborn,” he said about that period of time. Mies found that amazing. “They called me in the evening and said that I had to go,” says Verlinde. “We will miss her very very much.”

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