Who Is The Mole? remains kijkcijferhit

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Who Is The Mole? remains unchanged the kijkcijferhit of the Saturday night. Nearly 2.5 million people watched this week to the game, as it appears from the figures of Foundation for sight examination. They saw that Ruben Hein, Jan Versteegh and Olcay Gülşen, the finale of the eighteenth season concert. NOS-journaallezer Simone, Art & fell in as the last candidate.

RTL 4 was Saturday, the best looking at an alternative. The TV Canteen scored in the eve a million viewers, then I Know a Lot more 1.5 million viewers scored. Then looked 721.000 people to On Good Luck.

On NPO 3 was the afterthought of Who Is The Mole? back in demand. Such a 982.000 viewers names the commands and any hints yet again by presenters Margriet van der Linden and Chris Zegers.

Also the last matches in which Dutch athletes in action came at the Olympic Games attracted a Saturday afternoon a lot of viewers. The massastart for women drew 1.7 million viewers and the massastart for the lord more than 2.3 million viewers fascinated. To the penultimate episode of Studio Sportwinter looked in the evening on NPO 1, over a million people.

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