Weather app for elections Sunday with Well

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Arjen is Well again verkiezingsapp launched. In his program Sunday with Well he unveiled the Poster Toaster, an app that is specifically designed for the municipal elections.

The posters are according to Arjen the best part in the municipal elections. “And therefore we are launching, especially for you, a new app, the Poster Toaster!!!”, said the presenter during the broadcast. People who download the app, answer a few questions and a selfie. The app creates a poster of.

People also need their branch to specify. Other residents of the community can then vote on the best poster. “For example, each municipality will have its own Poster Toaster-election results, with the most popular posters”, said Arjen.

Last year Sunday Well good luck with Kamergotchi. Playing that game for the smartphone had user a new care. The app was so popular that the servers of Sundays, Well after the launch of the game overloaded got.

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