VIDEO – Farmer stays cool under Almelo bierdouche

6c58ff2bfc201022a44fd177ef68f424 - VIDEO - Farmer stays cool under Almelo bierdouche

Diederik Boer was Saturday just before the end of the uitduel with Heracles Almelo by a Almelo fan a cup of beer over himself leeggegooid, but the goalkeeper of PEC Zwolle continued during and after the duel under cool the incident.

PEC Zwolle goalkeeper Diederik Boer.

“Yes, something like that happens occasionally. That’s part of it. It’s a give and take in such a relationship. For me, there is nothing to worry about, you know,” said the stoic Farmer in conversation with the NIS.

The 37-year-old goalkeeper was the offender during the course of the duel a taste of their own medicine. Immediately after the incident (VIDEO) did he or he just picked up the ball in the direction the man wanted to throw. The supporter popped up scared road.

Heracles Almelo was after the duel a lot more pronounced. “The club adopts this action is not well, and goes about this with the supporter in conversation”, said the lead via Twitter.

PEC went in the Polman Stadium with the 2-1 decline. Kristoffer Peterson and Vincent Vermeij were spot-on behalf of the home team, while on behalf of the Zwolle Piotr Parzyszek just found. It was for PEC, now the number six of the Premier league, already the fourth defeat in the last five matches played.


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