Thousands of Russians remember murdered Nemtsov

3c157a4034263288dd62295ebf79ad14 - Thousands of Russians remember murdered Nemtsov

MOSCOW – thousands of people Sunday in Russia, the street took to the three years ago murdered opposition leader Boris Nemtsov to commemorate. The largest demonstration was in Moscow. Participants shouted “this is our land”. Also they called president Vladimir Putin a thief.

In the march were prominent members of the opposition like Ksenia Sobtsjak, Grigory Javslinkski and Alexei Navalni. According to the police were in Moscow approximately 4500 people on the streets. Witnesses scurried of 15,000 demonstrators.

The Chechen ex-military Zaur Dadajev was July of last year to twenty-year prison sentence for the murder of Nemtsov. The four companions of Dadajev were sentenced to penalties ranging from eleven to nineteen years of imprisonment.

The family of Nemtsov is convinced that the five were not the real perpetrators are, but just pawns of the real brains behind the attack: the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Nemtsov was in the night of February 27, 2015 on a bridge near the Kremlin shot.

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