President of Mexico to avoid US after ’uncomfortable’ interview with Trump

WASHINGTON – Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto sees temporarily off of his planned trip to Washington. Peña Nieto, the U.S. would be in February or march, but The Washington Post reports that the Mexican head of state that plan has been postponed after an uncomfortable phone call with Donald Trump.

According to The Washington Post, Trump and Peña Nieto last week for approximately 50 minutes of talk about the wall that the Us president wants to build immigration from Mexico. According to a Mexican regeringsmedewerker were the two presidents did not agree and lost Trump his patience. American officials said that Trump was irritated and frustrated, because Peña Nieto demanded that his colleague publicly would declare that Mexico and the wall between the two countries are not willing to pay.

Trump has said consistently that the neighbouring country has to pay for the costs of the construction of the wall.

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