Police shoot at anti-Kabilabetoging

c7f03b27467b4b0c0932aebbe57f155f - Police shoot at anti-Kabilabetoging

In Kisangani, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Sunday a demonstration against president Joseph Kabila by the police scattered with tear gas and bullets.

According to et French news agency AFP fell already two wounded by the bullets. The demonstration, organized by opponents of Kabila and supported by the church, it was Saturday, forbidden by the authorities.

In the past weeks comes after mass to a parade. The demonstrators protest against the absence of new elections. The mandate of president Kabila is already past, but he has a new election has been repeatedly postponed.

At previous parades at the end of december and in January it was shot at the demonstrators. According to the church, attacked it as’fifteen dead, according to the authorities two.

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