Peterson does girlfriend, no fun ‘baby party’

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Heracles attacker Kristoffer Peterson celebrated his impending fatherhood in known manner, to the displeasure of his girlfriend.

Kristoffer Peterson celebrates his baby’s birthday party.

Peterson drew in the thuisduel with PEC Zwolle just before half-time with the 1-0. The Swede asked direct a ball to the nearest ball boys, and put it under his shirt. Then went his thumb in his mouth and with his other hand he pointed to the tribune.

“My girlfriend is seven months pregnant, but this was the first time that I scored while they are on the stand was”, explained the smiling Peterson’s party. “She was not so happy about it and she put her hand to her eyes. She does not like the attention. But I’m supertrots and it is a dream of me to be a good father.”

Kristoffer Peterson makes his girlfriend after.


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