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One gear is enough: Van der Poel picks up his 32nd victory of the season, the same as Liboton

7b170645ec0c61377be12264e6e9d5f8 - One gear is enough: Van der Poel picks up his 32nd victory of the season, the same as Liboton

Mathieu van der Poel (Circus-Corendon) has his 32nd seizoenszege to address. In the closing price in Oostmalle chose the Dutchman halfway through the race the peloton. With this 32nd victory equals van der Poel veldritlegende Roland Liboton.

Dutch alertness in Oostmalle for Lars van der haar, David and Mathieu van der Poel were the best starters. At the start of the second lap, the European champion for the first time beeping in the first place. Together with his brother and Show Aerts took the peloton. The zegekoning tried his companions to shake off in his typical early attack, but Aerts didn’t flinch. More: Laurens Sweeck, Tim Merlier, van der haar, and brother David came up again. Van der Poel looked at the cat from the tree, a few outsiders in the sense their moment has come.


The fast course produced a tactical game. When Aerts attacked halfkoers, had the sole ruler Mathieu all the trouble of the world to the seventh place the wheel of Merlier to follow. Never won the national in Oostmalle, and also in 2018, seemed to be that at this moment not to come. In an attack by Sweeck chose the 31-fold winner for new rims in the materiaalpost. In no time, and pushed back van der Poel back to a promising position. Where he a round before the towel in the ring seemed to throw, took the Dutchman in charge of.

Mountain bike

One solid acceleration in four corners, and the Dutchman took about ten metres. With two laps to go had he suddenly, all of fourteen seconds ahead collected. Van der Poel was after lap one solid to pass through all focus on his flight to South Africa, where he is this coming weekend at the mountain bike creeps for the world Cup. Sweeck secured the second place, brother David was the third to join him on the final podium of the season climb.

Last meters

The closing price annually in the sign of the departure of some cx. Ex-Belgian champion Klaas Vantornhout and Rob Peeters reason their last meters in the field. The promises and the elite without contract names include Stijn Caluwé, Patrick Van Leeuwen and Stijn Huys farewell of the cross.

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