New sanctions against North Korea have been ‘act of war’

069ce767922fce21931a65f6ab5beda6 - New sanctions against North Korea have been ‘act of war’

North Korea has on Sunday the latest sanctions imposed by the US labeled as a ‘act of war’. That is, in a communication distributed by the North Korean staatspersagentschap KCNA.

The American president Donald Trump announced Friday new sanctions against Pyongyang due to the nuclear program of North Korea. According to Trump, it goes to the toughest sanctions ever against the regime. The new sanctions affect maritime companies and ships.

Each possible restriction against us as an act of war be considered’, it sounds in the communication from the North Korean ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The North Korean statement comes shortly before the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter games in South Korea, where the daughter of president Trump – Ivanka Trump – will be present, just like an official North Korean delegation.

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