New house-hunting to open in the Dijleland

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In the week of 26 February, it’s all about location, location, location. The centrally located Dijleland – the region surrounding Leuven, Brussels and Mechelen – it is therefore extremely sought after. The convenient road links, the many rivers and the green meadows make it a prachtregio to live. Unfortunately, all that luxury, however, its price, and are the woonprijzen here on the high side.

As director of no less than seven offices in its region, it is, Stu, the Big Fish of the Locals. Already in his youth he dreamed of them, to ever estate agent to be. And his dreams came from, because of topverkoper grew he quickly became managing director. With his 24 years old has Clint there is already a serious career move. He was a promising defender at KV Mechelen, but by a car accident, he has set his goal must be to exchange for a real estate agency. According to this ex-goalkeeper is his topsportverleden his strongest asset, because with the same enthusiasm and passion he is now the housing body. The 49-year-old Tinne runs for years her home office from Heverlee. For all of her customers she goes still by the fire. Her personal approach and heart and passion to ensure that they literally each property sold. That promises to be.

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Monday, 26 February
Wenting and Alexander
Wenting and Alexander are both financial advisor and engaged. Brokers Clint, Stijn and Tin go for those looking for a modern, spacious house in the region Dijleland. Clint bites today the striker with a handsome new building in Herent, Stijn takes the torque to Tremelo and Tinne let them a very spacious villa with a large garden.

Tuesday 27 February
Lynn and Davy
Lynn and Davy find a great home with lots of open spaces and plenty of parking. After two years of living together saleswoman Lynn and dj Davy in search of a bigger house is a relaxing place to be both inside and outside parties to provide, preferably in a quiet street. Clint finds a modern home in a cul-de-sac street that ‘vice versa’ is built. Downstairs the bedrooms and bathrooms, upstairs a huge living room with large terrace and breathtaking view on the Canal.

Wednesday, February 28,
David and Audrey
David and Audrey go next year to get married and are looking for a habitable, large house with space for a sewing and ceramics studio. Tin shows them a converted farmhouse in Sterrebeek, ex-profkeeper Clint tries to score with a bell-etagewoning from the 70’s. Stijn takes them to a detached villa with all the trimmings.

Thursday 29 February
Dorien and Ronald
Dorien and Ronald are both a personal coach and are a sporty couple that dreams of a house with enough space for a gym to start. In spite of their nice-looking budget, the search is not easy in the expensive region Herent-Haacht. Which broker find the ideal property? And who gets a bid?

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