Molly the zwijntje eaten after adoption from animal shelters

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Vancouver – A Canadian couple is public enemy number 1 has become after the couple a hangbuikzwijntje from a shelter and adopted, and the animal then skin and hair verorberde. Employees of the shelter that Molly the zwijntje lovingly had nursed, are devastated. “We feel defeated.”

The Vietnamese hangbuikzwijntje stayed temporarily in the city centre in the Canadian city of Vancouver. There was Molly daily pampered. Because of that, the animals who stay there, eventually a new home, there were adoptive parents for Molly sought.


That the zwijntje not fine to wait at home and was soon clear. The man and the woman – on social media opschepten about the massacre – saw in Molly’s nothing else than a nice piece of pork belly. To the great anger of the shelter and other animal lovers. “You have to be a special kind of person to be a zwijntje to adopt from an animal rescue only for food,” writes one employee on Facebook. “We feel lost and defeated.”

Also on Twitter there is a ferocious response to the action of the Canadians. The hashtag #MollyThePig was also quickly trending. “My heart is broken”, someone writes. Another: “a Lot of hartelozer than this will not be.”

The animal rescue also has let know that there is never a zwijntje for adoption will be offered. “The opportunity is much too large an animal and then again on one’s plate ends up.”

The couple will not be punished after the schranspartij: in Canada it is not prohibited to have a pet to kill and eat.

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