Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Is it the furry them?

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Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Is it the furry them?

Metro’s Constance van Amstel, and Erik Jonk track Who is the Mole. Constance looks for years, for Erik, this is his second season. Each week they discuss the broadcast in the column Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin.

Erik: I’m definitely not good at that gemol, Constance. I think that one theory about Simone and the group photos as the whole of the Netherlands that it is, she flies out. Eight weeks, and I know it even not. Help!

Constance: Immediately after the episode I had that feeling too. I was so sure John, but doubted by that theory yet again about Simone, turns out Ruben is still not onverdacht and bowed, I suddenly also to Olcay!

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Erik: I am he-le-times not on Olcay. In episode 1, she left money in an envelope, that was chubby. But I see a never something. That they two kokertjes handle that great raftopdracht I call clumsiness or fanatical. If you are right: brilliant mole!

Constance: They wanted a singing group of five called 5 just somewhere to add, did her wipers, translated I tore up your picture to a non-existing English song. How do you explain it all?

Erik: As awkward, haha. I go for Ruben Hein, the self-proclaimed hairy them. Simply because him as well as nothing works. Ruben is a musician, and found the songs to recognize very hard, broke a lot in the car-Art-oke (that knew me), grabbed zero kokertjes. So yeah, tell it Molfan!

Constance: I call it smart assembly, because after watching the episode again for a moment, had let settle, I am again convinced: the mole 2018 Jan Versteegh. You’re all of Jan? Last week we were again!

Erik: Oh yes, Jan! There I was, of course, on. Well, you’re Molmaagd or you’re not, eh? Jan was good at the zanggroepjes, excellent at karaoke and superfanatiek at the rafting and grip also plusgeld. No, Jan, it is really not. Why you will put your points to him?

Constance: brace yourself. Jan was the mole because Jan everything to his hand. With childlike enthusiasm makes every effort he everyone for the cart and everyone goes with him. As Jan a was faith, he had many followers. And Olcay is one of them. Jan asked her moles, and she did that! Brilliant. Jan could from the raft signs to read from 20 metres away; I call that insider trading. Jan certain that everyone has only his own flag and color to remember, perfect mollenidee. And finally, did Jan, best for karaoke because they yet few could earn. And secretly, because he Olcay, Michael Jackson-move wanted to see. Still not enough evidence?

Erik: Haha, yes that Olcay anyway… and damn, you’re really good. I come with my Ruben Hein, ‘because of him, almost nothing works’. I feel so stupid.

Constance: Oh, the half of the Netherlands sits on that hairy them, so nothing to be ashamed of. Hey by the way, I will tomorrow with the car? Then we can car-Art-okay to play. Only need to find someone who the hosepipe wants to operate!

Erik: Let Ron Boszhard questions and there is a Facebook Live event with Metro readers.

Constance: I am for. Or to Michael Jackson to speak: hie-hie!

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