Michiel De Meyer and Charlotte Campion in The Last Five Years

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BSO Productions brings ‘The Last Five Years’ return to Flanders with an amazing cast. This sensitive and intimate musical by Robert Brown will be on display in the Red Hall of the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp on 25, 26 and 27 may 2018. Michiel de Meyer will be in the role of Jamie crawling and Charlotte Campion in that of Cathy. “It is very exciting to have a whole musical with two to play, but it is megaleuk,” says Michiel De Meyer.

The Last Five Years is about a young couple, Jamie and Cathy, that together doodgraag want to see, but do not know how. Gradually their blossoming relationship to get them separated. It is a unique verhaalvertelling: Jamie tells his story from front to back, but Cathy is doing that the other way around.

“What makes it so fun is that we play together, but actually have two separate stories. We meet together only in the middle,” says Charlotte Campion. She has already had leading roles performed in Cinderella and The Sound of Music, and has always been once in The Last Five Years like to play.

Michiel De Meyer know we like Arne from Home and won at the end of december Steracteur Sterartiest. He has also always dreamed of ever The Last Five Years to be allowed to play, and with BSO Productions, he has that opportunity seized. “We are but two, but we have eight musicians who us very good support.”

The Last Five Years, under the leadership of Manu Jacobs, will on 25, 26 and 27 may be seen in the Red Hall of the Fakkeltheater.
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