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Michelle Obama brings memoirs in november

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Former first lady Michelle Obama is currently working on her memoirs. The book was given the title ‘Becoming’ and it comes out on november 13, in 24 languages, announced publisher Penguin Random House Sunday.

The wife of Barack Obama, calls the author a ” unique and very personal experience’. “I talk about my roots, about how I as a small girl from the South Side of Chicago, my own voice was and found the strength to help others,” she explains.

In the United States, the book 32,50 dollar cost on paper, the e-book costs $ 14.99.

Michelle and Barack locks in march 2017, both of boekendeal with publishing house Penguin Random House. That would give them 60 million dollars have been, one of the most profitable contracts in the boekindustrie ever.

About the future book of husband, Barack, nothing is yet known. He has published already two, in 1995 and 2006. That went more than three million times over the counter in the US only.

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