Merijn from Temptation Island gets considerably

546d979b89950845a9a4cf40f42ada18 - Merijn from Temptation Island gets considerably

Merijn, the former great love of Pommeline, and has his own YouTube channel substantially removed to ‘Temptation Island’-seducer Fabrizio. The Limburger would be the cause why Pommeline her Friend was left. Merijn, the fracture is clearly not yet processed. That Pommeline, and Fabrizio a couple of forms, leaked recently with dribs and drabs. Pommeline denied first staalhard, but later, she seemed to still be in love her boss. She works for Fabrizio. “It is difficult to Fabrizio on tv,” says Merijn. “That has no respect, I think he is really a bastard. He pretends to be respectful and ready to cry (referring to a recent scene on tv), but I don’t believe it.”

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