Matteo Simoni is pornokoning

Matteo Simoni is pornokoning

Matteo Simoni was present at the prestigious Berlin film Festival as a “Shooting Star”. How does it feel to be one of the most promising European film stars considered to be? Matteo Simoni remain there quietly under. In Gazet van Antwerpen, he tells us that he was only the fast can continue to work and continue to dream. Still calls him “the new Matthias Schoenaerts”. But what Matthias Schoenaerts has done is unprecedented, says Matteo Simoni. Matthias Schoenaerts has all the actors from the last ten years has surpassed and is an a-lister. Simoni remains rather sober and with the feet on the ground.

Matteo Simoni is trying, however, to his English work. In april, he leaves again to Los Angeles to surf and with a dialogue coach to its English pronunciation to work. Nevertheless, it is Hollywood not a must for Simoni. It is thanks to his role in Patser that Matteo Simoni was selected as a Shooting Star, one of the ten most promising actors in Europe. A list in which names show off as Daniel Craig, Alicia Vikander and Matthias Schoenaerts. But a Hollywoodmens as its directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah is Simoni. As him in Hollywood a role is offered here he will eagerly go into that, but also for interesting German or French projects they can always call him.

Matteo Simoni is known in Flanders, mainly thanks to the comedy and other more commercial films, but the actor’s dream of a dark role in a dark film. And finally he gets that chance. Matteo Simoni will be in the shoes of pornokoning Dennis Black Magic in the film around the Zillion. Maybe doing that movie for Matteo Simoni what Rundskop for Matthias Schoenaerts meant. Normally would the film about the illustrious Antwerp nightclub Zillion by Jan Verheyen directed, but eventually the Robin Pront are, which will be responsible for the direction. Matteo Simoni is ready for it. Although… Matteo Simoni gives in Gazet van Antwerpen that he still will lose weight for the role of Dennis Black Magic.

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