Martijn Fischer wanders as a cat in Amsterdam

fa20a292589588470e9a7319202a5bfe - Martijn Fischer wanders as a cat in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam’s canal district are foxes spotted and there are at least as many rats as people in the capital. Facts that have come to the fore in the making of the film The Wild City, on Monday, in a premiere. According to director Mark Verkerk life in Amsterdam more animals than in the surrounding farmland. “The city has incredible nature.”

In the film hangover Abatutu, to whom Martijn Fischer, his voice has been borrowed, the viewers on a journey of discovery through Amsterdam. He does that from the point of view of the many animals. These are everyday beasts pass by as the coot, the pigeon and the rat, but also the animals that are not so quick in a busy city expected. “I did not, for example, that there are so many lobsters in Amsterdam lived,” says Verkerk, who is also The New Wilderness (2013). “The canals are the last ten years, so clean have become, the bursting of life.” The lobsters come in a certain time of the year out of the water and walk across the street. “People call the church because they think that they are scorpions.”

Also, the fox discovered the movie more and more the city. “In the port area, you have already quite a lot of foxes, but there is already one in the Vondelpark and the Westerpark you will see them.” The creators are also the peregrine falcon filmed. “A very special bird, the fastest animal on earth,” says Verkerk. “In Amsterdam you have five pairs in different buildings. We have a few followed on the ABN AMRO tower at the Zuidas.”


For the 85-minute film is a whopping six hundred days filmed at 125 different locations. It was the town, the main setting, but were also trips made to the port area, IJburg, the Zuidas district, and even outside the city at the Arnhem moerriool. It yielded three hundred hours of film, and it is even made use of 15,000 hours of footage of unattended cameras. “We thought that it was fairly easy was to make a film in the city, but the animals are often hiding,” said Verkerk. “They shun the people a little bit and it was a lot harder than I thought.”

The texts are written by Sylvia Witteman and there is music to hear, among others, The Kik, Spinvis, Sef, Thomas Azier, My Baby and his three-legged Nelis. The cat Abatutu was previously shown in the movie Wiplala, and the tv series Dokter Tinus.

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