Marthe van K3 candid about Viktor Verhulst

Marthe van K3 candid about Viktor Verhulst

Q3’tjes Klaasje Meijer, Hanne Verbruggen and Marthe De Pillecyn were yesterday, come to the podcast of Qmusic to have their secrets to reveal. During their podcast wrists Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe their guests to their answer to the questions that are most about them googled. When Marthe is that question clear. The people ask, especially to Google who the Q3’tjes are in love and the great love of Marthe, of course, is Viktor Verhulst, son of Gert. As Marthe still a few things to say…

The relationship will, of course, a lot of attention by the past Studio 100-boss Gert Verhulst, that both “the red-light district,” Karen Damen as “the blonde” Josje Huisman had a relationship. And now picks up son Viktor “the black”?

Marthe and Viktor knew that their relationship quite a bit about them. “More difficult, we could not ourselves create,” says Marthe at Qmusic. But why did they still join? Marthe admits that she is very long the boat have taken, because it is also a bit laughable, but ultimately they will still make the step to a relationship. And there is Marthe still very happy with it… Because there is something that her heart should be….

Marthe would like to stress that they will still be very happy with Viktor, verliefder than ever is the pair. And about the rumors that they were together have been, she wants to clarify that they are never apart!

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