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Marc Coucke blinds permanently down in Anderlecht and immediately makes knowledge with players

After Marc Coucke last night we said goodbye to KV Oostende will be the businessman for the first time a match of Anderlecht attend after the club bought. “My driver should be from now on the GPS what to change,” joked the East-flanders upon arrival to the Astridpark. For the match, he got together with some of the players on the field during the terreinverkenning to briefly get acquainted. Also Luc Devroe, which may contribute to the transition to from Ostend to Anderlecht, draws present

Marc Coucke got to Anderlecht in a chic Tesla, and there was immediately a joke from. “My driver should be from now on the GPS what to change. From Ostend to Anderlecht. It feels a bit like a first day of school. But ok, I had intended this to be my voetbalweekend would be, where everything would change,” says Coucke. “I have an incredible amount of meaning for rooting here and tackle. That it is not going well? That says you. Ok, they have five matches won. Hopefully we can do that within three hours, say no more. There are a lot of possibilities, it’ll be okay.”

Remarkable present is Luc Devroe. The current technical director of KV Oostende has been linked to a move to Anderlecht in the footsteps of Coucke. But an official transition is still no sign. “I am here at the invitation of the new chairman,” he says. “Or I go to Anderlecht to come? This follows this week with more clarity about my future.”

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