Lottowinnaar falls within months back to poverty

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MOTHERWELL – A 63-year-old Scottish lottowinnaar is a rude awakening come home after he within a few weeks his profit of more than 90,000 euros through had hunted. The man couldn’t believe his luck and spent thousands of dollars on a cruise and two luxury holidays to the Spanish Benidorm. He left, however, after his luck to sign in to the uitkeringsinstaties, making the unemployed man now, not a penny more will receive as his profit, as snow before the sun is gone.

A Scottish lottowinnaar, not the man in the picture, flew in a short time two times to Benidorm for a holiday.

In addition to the holidays gave Daniel Millar the money within a short time, also on clothes and a renovation in his house. Also he stopped a few friends some money. Millar won the lotto in september, but in november he had already issued.

In december fell a onheilsspellende letter of the uitkeringsinstanties on the mat. “I had to report. It was a nightmare. According to the irs, I had 90,000 euros on my bank account and I was much too prosperous to be a benefit received,” says Millar in The Sun. The fact that the ’lucky’ lottowinnaar the money to own say had already been issued, changes according to the authorities nothing. Millar is at the end of the council: “I have no idea to whom I should now knock on your door.”

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