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KV Kortrijk is still not sure of Play-off I after defeat against Zulte Waregem

c6fc394e55706d395767e502ad1c23ea - KV Kortrijk is still not sure of Play-off I after defeat against Zulte Waregem

KV Kortrijk appeared after a 13 a 15 strong on the way to a place in the Play-off I, but streekgenoot Zulte Waregem has that advance halted. Essevee won in extremis after a penaltydoelpunt of Hamdi Harbaoui: it was 0-1. KV Kortrijk remains sixth, but is not on the competition.

In the match between KV Kortrijk and Zulte Waregem is always a charged atmosphere. The Guldensporenstadion was also packed for this cracker, which for the home team in addition, yet an additional dimension: the at profit put Kortrijk, after all, is an important step towards Play-off I. For the visitors, already assured of Play-off II, there was less on the game. Therefore, it was not surprising that KV Kortrijk is the snedigst the party started. Already after two minutes came Ajagun just shortage to be in the direction of the goal to shoot. Chevalier made a little later for the first shot between the posts, the visor of Perbet was less sharp: his shot whizzed right over. Kortrijk claimed two penalties after alleged errors on Chevalier, and Makarenko, but ref Lambrechts wanted in both instances no penalty know.

In the remainder of the first half continued both KV Kortrijk as Zulte Waregem the chances opeenstapelen, but both Kaminski as Bossut kept their nets clean. Ex-Kortrijkspeler Gertjan De Mets had to be injured to the side. With the contribution of Sandy Walsh was Essevee more menacing in the end of the first half, but Harbaoui, De Pauw and Doumbia verkwanselden the odds. Also, Olayinka could not frame, on the other side was Bossut again taken under fire by Perbet and Azouni. Goals there were, however, not to write down, so that both streekrivalen with 0-0 the dressing room explored.

Leeks for Bossut

In the second half was the first chance for the visitors, but Olayinka was, again, not accurate. Kortrijk took afterwards the command, but the Chevalier threw a perfect ball in from Ouali. Essevee-goalkeeper Bossut has been attacked by the thuisaanhang and even got a piece of leek to the head thrown in. The contest is diluted afterwards what: after hours, new opportunities largely out and demolish some sloppiness in the game of both teams. The game seemed to be 0-0 heading, but decided Hamdi Harbaoui in the slot otherwise.

Substitute player Bongonda wurmde along the Kortrijk defence, and brought in goalkeeper Kaminski, almost in embarrassment. Kristof D’haene had to intervene and hooked Bongonda against the ground, referee Lambrechts pointed to the dot. Harbaoui did not hesitate and kicked high inside, all was Thomas Kaminski still close: the 0-1 was on the board. A small final offensive of the Guys did not change more in the end.

For KV Kortrijk is the first loss in five matches. The troops of Glen De Boeck remain sixth, but the gap with Standard and Antwerp remains just one point. Zulte Waregem nip over KV Oostende to the eleventh place.

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