Heavy explosion in Leicester

dd344b19b1be7d05b078647fc2cda3de - Heavy explosion in Leicester

In the British city of Leicester is there Sunday night around 19: 00 local time a heavy explosion, probably in a shop. The police speak of a ‘major incident’. It is not yet clear whether there are casualties.

The local fire and rescue services received about 19.00 hrs (20.00 hrs our time) a call about an explosion in Hinckley Road, probably in a shop. On social media to see images of flames above a residential area. The building itself remains little or nothing about.

It would go to a Polish supermarket, with above it a loft. According to a spokeswoman from the fire collapsed the building ‘as a pancake’, but it is not clear whether there are still people in the store were present.

Yet according to the spokeswoman, there are six fire engines on the spot, and the incident is being treated as a ‘search and rescue’. “Our priority lies in the potential injuries,” said a spokesman of the fire brigade at The Telegraph.

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