Former ‘lover’ of Gordon put short case, nevertheless by

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The man in whom Gordon thought have love to have found it, continues its legal action against the presenter, however.

Lawyer Vincent van der Velde confirms after prompt notification of Omroep Flevoland that the interim injunction on 9 april for the court in Lelystad.

Van der Velde, says that his client wants Gordon to him, completely alone, and that hasn’t happened yet. However, he goes next week to the table with the lawyer of Gordon, because the man is preferably no lawsuit will.

“But then the search of contact in any shape to stop. My client wants only peace and move on with his life. The latest posts by Gordon on social media and his statements in the AD are yet again flawless under water,” says Van der Velde.

The question seemed last week still resolved. Gordon was accused of libel and slander after he pictures of him with his alleged new love on social media had posted. Also had the presenter, the name of the man?

Damp squib

The man claims, however, that there had never been a victim of a love affair and demanded that all the photos where he, together with Gordon on it, and any attribution of social media were removed. Gordon gave it hearing that the case with a damp squib seemed to walk.

Saturday rakelde Gordon the issue again via social media. “That feeling that you want a bullet for someone would catch you, but you find out that he is the tractor flip”, wrote the 49-year-old Gordon on Instagram and Facebook. He placed the hashtags #verradendoordeliefde and #waarheidwintaltijd.

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